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Summer nostalgia

Let’s talk about what to do while my parents are still enjoying last sunny days in Baška Voda sending me all these photos that I post on FB page, for which I now you must be watching and counting your days until your next holiday.

So if you have that grief for summer you better start planning your next one on time just to make sure you have accommodation covered. Especially if you are coming with little children it is important to book your accommodation to make sure you can travel with no worries and problems like: ‘will I find an apartment or good room next to the beach for a cheap price’ in July/August? – I don’t think you will, cause most of the hosts are fully booked months before summer season. (You will only find accommodation around 300 meters from the beach, which means a lot of walking). –>  Start making plans on time.

You are probably thinking – why I am rushing so fast with the booking already, it is only October?
Well, because every year in July/August my mailbox is full of apartment queries. I know that most of you are planning a holiday in the last minute because of the crazy jobs you have and not knowing your holiday period –
I understand all that. But I am sure you could plan yourself a little bit better. At least just try and you will see how easier you will feel when you have all planned and booked on time.

And for now enjoy the photos from summer in October that my parents have sent me today. :*

Apartmani Skalinada – FB page

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