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Hello it’s November!

Hello November, please be nothing but amazing!

Well, now I can not share photos from summer in November because my parents came back to Zagreb city, and there is nobody to take ‘summer’ photos any more….haha.
But if you follow our FB page you can now enjoy in old vintage photos of Baška Voda that I posted. If you thought that’s all from photos…hm just wait, more to come soon!

There is less than 50 days until Christmas, did you know that? I can’t believe time flies so fast. I don’t usually count days until Christmas, but I do count days until summer, which means –> 8 months until new summer season!!
–> also means that you have enough time to think about presents for your loved ones. And I can not think of better surprise than nice family holiday on Croatian coast (wrapped up with red ribbon on it). How about that?

It always amazes me how travel in general enrich you with new memories, new people in your life, new friends and destinations…

I hope that WE could be on your bucket list for X-mas surprises…

Bookings are open, be good! :))


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