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Restaurant week in Baška Voda

srdele i skuše (use google translator)

As you all know summer is officially over (not for my dad, he is still fishing – thank God for that!), and all the apartment owners are on to some holiday to recover from the summer rush. You must know that Dalmatian people love to eat good food, so this is good opportunity to share with you that from last week October 5th – 14th 2018 is RESTAURANT WEEK in Croatia, that includes Baška Voda as well (LOL).
So I hope you are enjoying good food somewhere with your loved ones. (I know I am). Here are some dalmatian specialties that you must try next time you come.  Send us a photo of your favorite dalmatian food :)) DOBAR TEK, Guten appetit, Dobrou chuť, Dobry apetyt, …

Hobotnica ispod peke (use google translator)

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