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    About Us

     ***Welcome to our house Skalinada!***

    We are happy to be your hosts and that you have chosen us for your vacation. We would like to  share the story of the place and the house where you are staying.

    Baska Voda, a small place situated between the massive Biokovo and the Brač channel, has always turned to the sea. Life with the sea has not recorded anything we know as a pleasure of rest, swimming, sunbathing…
    Poles and Czechs were the first guests in 1920s and 1930s. Since then we know tourism as it is today. The place you are now was far away from the settlement where daily life and the beginnings of tourism took place. The beach you see through the window was called “Nugal” by the locals because of the intimacy it provided.
    In 1932/33. the renowned Zagreb entrepreneur Anton Ziegler, then director of ZET (Zagreb electrical tram), had built a luxurious a summer residence of Brac stone.
    The white stone of Brac, the same material from which the White House in Washington was built, was shipped to the coast by a boat from the quarry on the island of Brač, from which you can see the terrace. For the first time in the history of Baška Voda, this valuable building material was used to build a building intended for relaxation and enjoyment.
    The Ziegler family did not have children, and unfortunate Anton, a native of Germany, was killed in the first days after the II World War. The house was devastated, partly even burnt, and the family inheritance by Anton’s wife was attributed to the Radić family.

    From then on three generations of our family grew up here. Meanwhile, Baska Voda has grown, tourism has expanded, and we as the third generation – Smilko Smiljan Radić – academic musician, with his wife Dragica – dipl. economist, decided to restore the house to its original function – the summer residence.
    Since 2001, when we adapted entire house to accommodate guests, hundreds of families from almost all parts of Europe enjoyed it here. The greatest acknowledgment are the guests who come back to us.

    Let your holiday be filled with pleasure – and come again!